Graphic Design



Hub coffee

Hub Coffee originally began as an external project. They are an independent coffee company based in South Wales. I redesigned their entire menu to give it a more summery feel when the café went through a whole transformation. 

I then rebranded the company as part of a personal project. 



Bananas infographic

For this project we were given a chance to pick a subject out of a hat and tasked with designing a advert for the Metro Newspaper. The advert was to feature facts about the word picked out of the hat.


This would be a piece of informative design that could be read within 10 minutes whilst flicking through the Metro.  



australia bushfires

For this project I hoped to spread awareness about the Australian bushfires disaster that occurred from late 2019- early 2020. The idea was to produce informative designs through Infographics and Zines that would be handed out to not only showcase the negative impacts the fires had but also the positive messages that may have been missed with celebrities donating and charities helping.



tesco plant chef rebrand

For this project I was given the choice to decide on a item or product that I wanted to rebrand. I chose Plant Chef which is a vegan food brand and is Tesco's own brand. I redesigned their logo and 3 products of theirs including a mushroom pizza, vegan burgers and chicken fillets.

This project was in no way affiliated with Tesco.



elan valley gin

Elan Valley are a small distillery located in Wales. 

They specialise in special botanical gins, all hand made.  Every spirit they create is unique and customisable because of the truly small batch approach. 


This was my concept for a brand for them and a packaging design featuring 3 different flavours of gin.



The night manager

John le Carré has sold millions of books and many have been turned into films and TV dramas starring the great and the good and with huge audiences.


The brief for this competition set by Penguin was to recreate the cover for 'The Night Manager', this included the front, back and the spine in December 2019. 

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Elan Valley Rhubarb Gin